Meet Hiram Edson

Out of great disappointment emerges great light.

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On October 22, 1844, committed Christians from many denominations confidently expected to see Jesus return based on a great time prophecy of Daniel that had already successfully predicted three events, including the year of Jesus' crucifixion.

They were disappointed - but out of that disappointment came even greater light:

Jesus' second advent was indeed nearing.

But before He returns, He has a special work to do, in heaven, for us.

The final judgment has begun - conducted not by an angry God, but by our Redeemer, who is not only our Judge but our defense attorney.

The Bible's greatest memorial of creation, the seventh day Sabbath, still has meaning today.

This video include closed captions in the following languages:

English, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, French, Russian, Dutch, Arabic, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Korean

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Starring Curt Cloninger, Mark Boyd, Stewart Leniger, and Karen Mason
Produced by Thomas Neslund, John Grooters, Jo Ellen Walton  Written by John Grooteres, JoEllen Walton, Jim Nix  Directed by John Grooters

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Genre Drama
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